Luengo’s Organic Range

Produced according to organic agriculture requirements, these pulses are certified by the CAECyL (Council for Organic Agriculture in Castilla y León) and will taste amazing in any recipe. In this new line we can find lentils, beans and chickpeas, both cooked (570 g) and dried (500 g), grown the traditional way.


Tierra de Campos Lentils (PGI)

Protected under the Geographical Indication quality scheme and cultivated in this Spanish region, with its rich history, the lentil of Tierra de Campos is smaller than other lentils, dark brown, smooth and tender, with a taste that is relished by many.

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Fuentesaúco Chickpea (PGI)

The Fuentesaúco chickpea has been cultivated in Castilla y León for centuries, famed for its high quality and creamy and tender texture once cooked. The star of many spoon dishes, and fork ones too.

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La Bañeza-León Kidney Beans (PGI)

The La Bañeza-León kidney bean, which holds the Protected Geographical Indication status, has been cultivated in this unique region for centuries and is renowned for its superior quality.

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Vegas Bañezanas

The strict controls on the harvest and the whole production process ensure that the selection and quality of Vegas Bañezanas is perfect when it reaches your dinner table.

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